40 Day Dream

by Gloria Pasotti

“40 Day Dream” is a photographic journey around my home and familiar places trying to reanimate glimpses, landscape elements, household objects trapped in the order of the vision and usual actions.
It’s an ongoing project started 2014 due to a very deep sens of boredom towards all my familiar enviroments, when the things, as you know them, become mute and don’t speak to you anymore. Tissue folds, out of range objects that break space, defying gravity, that are imposed with the strenght of their banality and exude a vital energy that call me and in which I recognize myself.
Traveling in daily microworlds, I glitch the everyday, which I undermine and reposition, suggesting an alternative reading of overlooked events. My approach concentrates on a subversive and decisive play between the real and the imagined, which opens up a discourse on visible and invisibile, presence versus absence, ordinary and extraordinary.
I depict a world out of order, loader with rather darker but also sensuous and often humorous undertones. The alterations applied to objects and gestures are mostly elementary and those create small scenery that reveal new imagined qualities inherent to the real that are often impenetrable.