New Moons

by Ada Marino

New Moons series is born in response to the previous Paterfamilias project, a visual investigation that explored the theme of oppression in the domestic sphere, in an attempt to make the feminine resilience prevail and representing a new beginning, the project implementation takes place in conjunction with the abortion laws that trample on women’s rights, discussing invasion of woman’s body, the rebellion against the social structure of gender distinctions, the education that we must impart from the earliest ages to prepare the women of tomorrow to fight against male hegemony, in a sort of transmutation of resistance and perseverance for a conscious, solid, social new identity. While “Paterfamilias” (2022) is the visual analysis of the complications of the patriarchy phenomenon, New Moons constitute the elucidation and inner eclipse that encourage the rebirth of women in a role of advocate of themselves, a woman that abandons the state of vulnerability and staticity in a sort of a trauma recovery from a male dominated experience which through the acquisition of knowledge, awareness, female union creates a fertile territory for the construction of  more inclusive society.