The Yogurt’s flavours are a biannual pubblication by Yogurt Magazine


BAD TASTE flavour is a metalinguistic provocation. While photography is generally supposed to capture the beautiful and sublimate the mediocre, Yogurt Magazine’s new call seeks to represent lack of taste.

BAD TASTE flavour wants to be an ouverture of aesthetic teasing, a celebration of kitsch, of the grotesque. It wants to place a cruel focus on malpractice, bad habits, excesses and the disturbing anomalies of a hypertrophic, nauseated and, at times, nauseating society.

With this next Yogurt flavour we hope to perform an exorcism, where, in its sophistication, the aesthetics of bad taste goes to render itself more acceptable, or why not, necessary.


Il BAD TASTE flavour è una provocazione metalinguistica. Dove si presume che la fotografia catturi il bello e sublimi il mediocre, la nuova call di Yogurt Magazine chiede di rappresentare il cattivo gusto.

Il BAD TASTE flavour vuole essere un’ouverture di dispetti estetici, una celebrazione del kitsch, del grottesco. Vuole porre un crudele focus sul malcostume, sulle cattive abitudini, sugli eccessi e le anomalie disturbanti di una società ipertrofica, nauseata e, a volte, nauseante.

Con questo flavour di Yogurt speriamo di compiere un esorcismo, dove l’estetica del cattivo gusto, nel suo sofisticarsi, vada a rendersi più accettabile, o perché no, necessaria.


The call is for single images and it is addressed to national and international authors working with images.

Each author can submit max 8 images to submit@yogurtmagazine.com 
The images must be renamed name_surname.jpg (file size 72 ppi | max 500 kb). 

Yogurt will be select an image for author.
All images selected will be gathered in a polyphonic visual issue published by Yogurt Editions.

The 100 selected authors will be contacted by email and will be invited to send the selected image in high resolution.

The Call is free.
Selected authors will be able to pre-order their copy at 50% off.

The Flavours of Yogurt Magazine are a curatorial proposal set on paper and printed in 500 copies.

DEADLINE  15.11.2020