Yogurt’s Flavours are biannual publications curated and published by Yogurt Magazine


What is Mojo?

Is it “Malombra”?
Is it a hateful gaze?
Or the invisible spying on you?
Is it that shiver down your spine in an empty room?
The fear? The night?
A sorcery spell that bewitches everything around?

Mojo is an amulet.
It defends us from all this.

In its next flavour, Yogurt aims to explore this kind of suggestions.
Therefore, the theme of the new call is the shadow, the magic, the unknown, the unexpected, the misfortune, our deepest fears, but also everything that haunts and disturbs us in our everyday life. Mojo evokes obscurity and traps it in its pages to protect us from what we fear.


Cos’ è Mojo?

È la “Malombra”?
La “Malasuerte”?
È lo sguardo di chi ti odia?
L’invisibile che ti osserva?
È quel brivido sulla pelle in una stanza vuota?
È la paura? La notte?
L’incanto stregonesco che tutto afferra?

Mojo è un amuleto.
Per difendersi da tutto questo.

Nel prossimo flavour, Yogurt vuole raccogliere una suggestione. Chiediamo quindi di rappresentare in questa nuova Call l’ombra, il magico, l’ignoto, l’inaspettato, la sfortuna. I nostri timori più profondi, ma anche tutto quello che ci assilla e perturba nelle nostre quotidianità. Così da arrivare a creare un volume Mojo, che evochi l’ oscurità per ingabbiarla nelle proprie pagine, e che sia una protezione da tutto ciò che ci inquieta.


The call is open to single images only (not projects) and is addressed to national and international artists who use the photographic medium.



Write here your email address


Every visual artist can partecipate with a maximum of 8 pictures each

Every file has to be named in the following way Name_Surname_Number.jpg
(example: John_Smith_1.jpg John_Smith_2.jpg etc.)

The resolution of every picture has to be in high resolution (300ppi and minimum 3000pixel for the long side)


ATTENTION Step 1 and Step 2 are important for archiving the contacts of each author.
The specifications are mandatory under penalty of exclusion.



The best submissions will be published daily on Instagram’s feed @yogurt.flavours
The shortlist of the authors selected for the next paper issue – Yogurt flavour MOJO – will be released in June 2021.

The flavours of Yogurt Magazine are a biannual curatorial proposal set on paper.

This is a free call.

Selected authors will have the chance to buy a copy at 50% off, this sales will finance Yogurt’s project of solidarity: the remote maintenance of an african child named Tadala.

A selection of Mojo will be on display at Charta Festival 2021 from 17 to 25 July in Rome.

Partecipating at the call for entries Mojo the author allows for free to Yogurt Magazine to reproduce the photos, as hereafter specified:

  1. Yogurt Magazine will use the photos in the following ways
    • inclusion in publication “Yogurt MOJO flavour”
    • publication on the Yogurt Magazine website
  2. The photo will always be attributed to the photographer.

The undersigned gives assurance that any person pictured in the photo has allowed the use of their image, and however assures that Yogurt Magazine will not be involved in any request regarding their image reproduction rights; moreover, allows Yogurt Magazine to use the personal data accompaning the photo, only for the above mentioned purposes.