The Rooted Heart Began To Change by Allan Salas


A month after the death of my grandmother, my father survived a heart attack. These painful events compelled me to flee the unbearable echoes within my home. During the following months, I wandered across the country to cope with the feelings of sorrow and existential dread. The eerie landscape I encountered became a reflection of my inner turmoil.

The silence conveyed in this universe is shattered by grief and melancholy. Its narrative unfolds as a lyrical examination of the fragility of existence. Through an atmosphere imbued with emotions, the photographs uncover the wounds inflicted by time.

Faced with mortality, the imagery of land and death develops into a poem. Between the body and the self, nature and nothingness, eternity and the ephemeral, The Rooted Heart Began to Change functions as an open diary. It illustrates an inward exploration of the spirit seeking to understand human anguish in the face of the unknown.

72 Pages / 17×24 cm
1000 copies / Hard cover
Publisher: Witty Books

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