MOON By Sandrine Elberg


Sandrine Elberg presents her second self-published photobook dedicated to her photographic work composed of stellar images taken for several years during these trips or experiments in her studio darkroom. After her first photobook Cosmic, Sandrine Elberg unveils M.O.O.N and invites us to space travel and the discovery of a new Moon.

Sandrine Elberg’s books are unique and unclassifiable objects : a journey into the Cosmos, appealing to our collective imagination and daydreaming. Through M.O.O.N, the artist wished to dedicate to Valentina Terechkova, the first woman in Space. The book also marks the fifty years of man’s first step on the Moon on July 21, 1969. Any way to get to the Moon is good, a high-tech shuttle or fiction, transport science or the imagination. Sandrine Elberg loves the stars, the conjunction of the infinitely large and the infinitely small, the atoms that make up her being ; a small planet in search of her cosmic origins. For her the Moon is not the final destination, it is a base to explore, on the surface but also into the depths of the planet. In her luggage, since time has been reversed, are some Jules Verne books and bits of film from A Trip to the Moon. M.O.O.N is the interior of a book traversing its boundaries, a research module made of dream crystals and stardust, walls of stalactites and cracked icebergs, anthropomorphic rocks and collapsed temples.

Publisher: Self-Published

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