In Her Rooms by Maria Clara Macrì (Eng)


In Her Rooms explores the relationship between empathy, intimacy and the
contemporary representation of women. In an attempt to give women back their
nakedness by untying the body from its sexual objectification, the author has travelled
the world immortalizing girls of different origins and social backgrounds, naked in their
bedrooms. That intimate, magical, liberating place where self-discovery takes place, as
Virginia Woolf recounts in A room of one’s own.
The result of this visual research is a series of portraits and diary pages written by the
author herself, that shed light on the complexity of a new global female gaze which is
challenging gender dichotomies and pre-established categories.
«Perhaps “In her rooms”, more than being the portrait of women in their rooms, is a
journey from me to them and back, it is the crossroads of our destinies. And isn’t that
also how we can talk about a changing society? By beginning from an individual life that
mixes with other lives, am I not also talking about what it means to be a woman today?
And to think that’s what I’ve wanted to do all my life. It’s just that I thought I would do
it by writing novels. Who knows how much more I can learn about photography just
by continuing to live. » — Maria Clara Macrì
«I begin from them because I am convinced that these “normal” everyday stories,
undervalued because they don’t have the defect of suffering or the prestige of fame,
protect the new seeds of evolution that I hope our planet will one day see. »
— Maria Clara Macrì

Publisher: Postcart

208 pages
140 photos
20 x 29 cm
Texts eng

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