Book of Plants by Anne Geene


With this herbagraphic work Geene continues building an oeuvre that is an expression of the remarkable beauty of the unremarkable. Her quest for specimens with various types of formations and deformations gives the Book of Plants a teratological dimension.
In Anne Geene’s work, the photograph itself is rarely the focus. Taken out of their context the pictures are often no more than a registration of an inconspicuous fact. Geene’s art is all about collection, about the image in relation to other images and the ability to create new images by merging and arranging them. The result may redefine “farfetched”, adding a novel, creative and positive connotation.
The Book of Plants takes you on an expedition through the microcosm of leaf, bud and flower toward branch, stem and trunk, falling in that macrocosm of grass, herb, shrub, bush and tree. A world with an immeasurable variation in colour, shape and size. Starring a superior life form, an “organic machine” that accompanies us in silence.

570 pages
17 x 21 cm

Publisher: De Hef

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