Materialized after a cancer surgery, ‘Ending’ was a critically acclaimed book by Leif Sandberg (1943) that dealt with the proximity of death. What could possibly be a sequence to a publication titled ‘Ending’?

‘Beyond the Mirror’ is a unique answer to that. Happening after death, with death still indeed present, his new book has biographical elements such as photos from Leif’s several crossings through Camino de Santiago, family and intimate photos and also a touch of sci-fi: “Yes, I think I saw a UFO on my way home after working late a cold and crisp winter night. I saw a slow moving light in the sky and stopped the car and stepped out looking and saw a large toroid form rotating slowly in the sky.”

For this reason, Lotta Lotass’ text included in a side booklet, brings a new layer to the work. “I was looking for a text that had some sort of connection to my images, something that could add to the perspective. And it was right in front of me. In my bookshelf I had a trilogy of Lotass, where ‘Mars’ is one of the books. Reading it again, I found it very suitable for what I was looking for and when she without hesitation let me use the text, I was delighted.”


Publisher: VOID


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