Every Night Temo Ser La Dinner
by Sofia Ayarzagoitia

‘Every Night Temo Ser La Dinner’ is an edit of Sofia Ayarzagoitia’s images, sketches, and diary pages during her stay in Madrid. Winner of the photographic competition La Fábrica in 2016, the project deals with intimacy, consisting of different stories of friends, random nocturnal connections, her androgynous rat Gustav, her trips. ‘I used to go every day to Plaza Lavapies, searching for something. I wanted to get inside that secret world that I felt so close to, and understand it.’ In her diary and book, Sofia uses a Mexican slang called “pocho”, which blends Spanish and American English, as in the title of the project.

Sofia Ayarzagoitia (México | 1987) is interested in a form of photography that has a performative edge without losing its documentary value. She explores topics surrounding intimacy, trying to enhance the necessary balance between art and life. Her work deals with memory, fiction, time and space. Sofia was named a FOAM Talent in 2016 and, one year after, Every Night Temo Ser La Dinner was shortlisted for Author Book Award at Les Rencontres d’Arles.