by Roger Minick

by Roger Minick

by Roger Minick

In SIGHTSEER, Roger Minick has created not only a richly entertaining study of the ritual of sightseeing in the United States, but a poignant pre-selfie time capsule of the American people at the end of the 20th Century. In her essay for the series, Lucy Lippard writes: “The images balance on a complex line between simple vacation snapshots, informal portraiture, and landscape photography… Minick has brought a professional eye and technique to a homely form — the snapshot as memo, casual sibling of the home movie/video…”


Woman with Scarf at Yosemite 1980

Woman Photographing at Glacier 1980

Twins at Lower Falls Yellowstone 1980

Tour Bus at Goulding Arizona

Tattoo Man at Cadillac Ranch 1998

Old Faithful Geyser 1980

Man with Poodle at Bryce Canyon 1980

Man at Glacier Pt Yosemite 1980

Flag Man at Washinghton DC 1999

Couple with Boy & Dog at Yellowstone 1980

Couple with Polaroids at Crater Lake 1980

Couple wearing Matching Shirts Crater Lake 1980