“Sacrosanct Remnants” by Rebecca Rose Harris

Species live separate lives, conceiving existence through different intake and senses. As human beings we live parallel to everything; yet there is a collision between man and the elements in which he finds himself entwined. Humankind is often analogous to ivy; consuming purity but not replenishing it. These photographs act to fortify the delicacy and vulnerability that is present between humans and nature; revealing the metaphysical threads of dependency both obtains for the other wether consciously or not.


Rebecca Harris strives to extract the beauty from the darkness and to preserve pivotal emotional states through abstract, symbolic representation using her photography. Her work often derives from her subconscious, unfolding an expanse of philosophical topics when analysing dreams, spirituality, nature, and the faith of ones mind. She explores the boundaries of both her physical and metaphysical self. She endeavours to connect with the tender part of an individual often reserved from others and oneself; to raise awareness that the unknown, unexplored sides of life are to be perceived with a golden vision. She is a photographer that relies entirely on feeling and intuition. Rebecca internalises experiences, subjectivists them and renders them as personal as is possible. Every project of Rebecca’s is an important ritual, a process of which the outcome is a component of a much larger picture.