yogurt. is the paper outcome of yogurtmagazine.com. It’s not quite an editorial outcome, but rather a curatorial proposal set on paper, enhancing the uniqueness of different artistic approaches by exploring unusual visual languages.

In the current issue, we have paid particular attention to the body: the shell and the catalyst of our impulses. 

ANTIMATTER is a fervent visual journey of four artists whose uncanny gazes shatter the paradigms of the photographic aesthetics, transmuting the body – which is metaphysically dismembered, violently carnal, suggested or sketched, but always present – into a simulacrum. 


DEADLINE 13.05.2018

Yogurt Magazine continues its reflection on the body with a second chapter of its photographic trilogy: The Wounded Body.

After digging into the tópoi of Eros with Desirable Body, through the current call, Yogurt wants to deconstruct and corrode the perfection of the previous aesthetic ideal. Scarred, diseased, fragmented, unfinished, decadent. The body is marked. The wound is visible or not. Mental or physical. Sometimes it’s just a suture, but it might be a metaphor, a metonymy, or a scratch on the surface of the photograph itself.

The call is dedicated to single photos.
The best ones will be included in the second Yogurt box:  Wounded Body Collector’s Pack
You are invited to submit your proposals at info@yogurtmagazine.com