Yogurt is a visual arts magazine focused on contemporary photography, based in Rome, Italy.

Taking its cue from Jung’s concept of sublimation as part of the royal art where the true gold is made, Yogurt Magazine is continuously reflecting on the limits between eroticism and pornography. In its attempt to draw aside all the veils of the human psyche, Yogurt explores the way in which visual arts trace the new anthropology of Eros.

Since the earliest examples of Greek sculpture, the codes surrounding nudity are related to issues of censorship, rather than freedom of expression. The public delicacy towards the topic developed an indefeasible split between art and obscenity and often reshaped the way of looking. From the Suburban baths of Pompeii to Nan Goldin’s intimate series The Ballad of sexual dependency, from Utamaro’s explicit Shunga to Araki’s Lucky Hole, from the erotic engravings of De omnibus Veneris Schematibus, known as I Modi, to Sarah Lucas’ phallic-shaped sculptures, art has a long history of images that cater to the gaze.

Walter Kendrick, who coined the term of secret museum, says we have entered the post-pornographic era, in which the supposed subversiveness is treated as contrived, so the voyeuristic gaze turns pale and gives more space to the aesthetic considerations. But there’s really no more hole to peep through? Since this secret museum has always been more widely known by reputation than by acquaintance, it is perhaps fitting for Yogurt Magazine to open the Pandora’s box and release the most ambrosial fruits of our minds.


Francesco Rombaldi

Luigi Cecconi

Larisa Oancea

Isabella Mancioli